Current litters

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The K-Litter was born Sunday, the 3rd of October!

Before you scroll down to take a look at our current litter, please read through the information provided below. Choosing a breeder and a puppy are a great responsibility, and we would like to answer some of your questions beforehand. Please note, the puppies are not for sale yet as we go through our waiting list first, but we added first snapshots below.

What is the price for one of your puppies?
The price for a puppy of this litter is $1300 for the colors black, fawn, red regardless of brindle. Due to the small percentage of blue Whippets in the United States, the price for one of our puppies in the color blue, blue brindle, white & blue or blue fawn is $1600. It’s a slight increase to the price of previous puppies, due to the fact that both parents are imported stock from Germany, and pure European bloodline after the original breed standard. The dam’s sire is German Beauty Champion Dragan Draven Synergy.

Please see below to find out what these prices include. 

How can I hold a puppy?
A deposit of $300 will put a reservation on your puppy, and he or she will no longer be advertised as available. By the time your puppy turns 6 weeks old (5 weeks +7 days) the rest of the amount will be due, along with the air fare if applicable.

Are the puppies AKC registered?

Yes, all of our litters have been and will be registered with the AKC. You will receive the paperwork for your puppy as soon as it is available.

Can I buy one of your puppies with unlimited registration?
Our puppies are first and foremost sold as pets, and therefore come with a limited AKC registration. Limited Registration means that the dog is registered but no litters produced by that dog are eligible for registration. As a reputable breeder, this is our way of ensuring that only healthy and conformationally correct Whippets with sound minds will be bred in the future. We do, however, sell future show prospects to experienced show kennels and handlers.
We would like to point out that a limited registration will still allow you to participate in AKC shows and competitions that are not breed(ing) related, such as agility, obedience etc.

How many litters do you have a year?
Between 0 and 2 litters. If we breed both dams the same year, then two. But we always allow our dams to skip between 1 and 3 (or even more) heats, in order to recover from a litter. So it might happen that we won’t have any litters for a year or two. Having a litter is an absolutely natural event for a dog, but it is strenuous work and requires an appropriate recovery time, followed by a time of extensive preparation for the next litter. Besides, we are not a commercial breeder, meaning that we have a life, and jobs and kids besides our puppies. We only plan a litter if we can guarantee to raise those little pups with excellent quality, care and love.

What is included in the price of a puppy?

  • an individual AKC registration
  • 3-generation AKC-certified pedigree
  • 1 year AKC Family Dog subscription
  • dog care and trainings DVD
  • AKC Reunite microchip (already placed)
  • age appropriate first round of shots, to include distemper, adenovirus, parainfluenza and parvovirus
  • age appropriate deworming
  • a thorough health screening at the age of 8 weeks
  • contract with health guarantee
  • puppy collar and leash

Do you offer shipping?
Please note: as of October 2021, we cannot offer shipping due to the limited staffing at airports, and issues this might cause during a puppy’s transit.
We do offer shipping for an additional $300 which includes the air fare and the puppy flight kennel for you to keep (we do not rent their kennels from the airline). We ship with Delta Cargo or United from the Richmond airport in VA. For the most part we had a great experience with the shipping of our puppies, although delays can happen did happen in the past. I can say though that shipping is by far not as horrible as one might think. Most of our puppies get shipped, and so far none of them was traumatized, confused or anything like that. They always arrived at their destination (sometimes later than planned) happily wiggling their tail when they were received by their new family.
Can we visit your puppies?
Certainly! Once the puppies are old enough to receive visitors, we even encourage you to come by and take a look.
What do you feed your puppies?
We feed Purina Pro Plan Focus for large puppies which can be bought at TSC or Petsmart. We also feed them a mix of greek yoghurt, egg yolks, canine red cell and molasses once a day.


Magenta (sold)

female, brindle w. white markings




Pink (sold)

female, fawn brindle w. white markings




Purple (sold)

female, blue brindle w. white markings





Cyan *hold*

female, fawn brindle, watermarked, w. white markings