I know… I know… I promised photos…

But guys… my dishwasher broke the night before Thanksgiving. We spent the entire Thursday morning trying to get it to reset. The afternoon, we spent washing dishes… by hand. On THANKSGIVING.

Ugh. Photos will follow this afternoon, but I uploaded this short video to make up for the delay. We also moved the puppies from the tent into the whelping box, which will allow me to take much nicer snapshots during the day ❤

Stay tuned.

The worst thing happened…

You wanna know what’s a really bad start in the day for a Whippet breeder? When you come to take the puppies outside, and 4 of them lost their ID tags! On picture day! Not any puppies. No… that would be too easy. The set of two’s that look almost IDENTICAL! Let me tell you… I spent the morning staring at pictures. Comparing how far the color goes down on a tail. Measuring the width of white stripes. Comparing right side to left side. Anyway, we got it all sorted out now which you can see on the “Current Litter” page.

But don’t worry about me or my poor nerves. I got my payback. See below.



Time in the sun

It’s scary beyond the wall (of the whelping box…). Tarps rustle, chicken cluck and there’s screaming kids everywhere. Everywhere! Today was the first time the puppies got to spend a measurable amount of time outside. It was necessary, considering what mess they had left behind on the potty part of their whelping box. And yes, my son has a boo boo…


A little group video

The puppies are four weeks old, stretching the time they spend between sleeping and eating to around 15 minutes. They stretch their still wobbly legs, bounce about, slide off mom’s back and try to escape the whelping box into the big beyond. Not much longer now, and they will follow us outside.