New photos are online!


pick-up is approaching fast, and we’re busy getting all that is required for it in order. I was concerned the microchips might not arrive in time, and I would have to rely on the standard ones from the vet instead. Luckily, the AKC ReUnite chips arrived on Christmas!

If you check the “current litters” tab on the website, you’ll be able to find new photos of your pups. The level of blurriness will tell you about how much the puppy moved 😉 Below are two videos (put the volume down unless you enjoy the sound of kids screaming). Pink and purple are difficult to tell apart when they’re running lose int he living room, so all puppies got new ID tags today.

It’s time to register your puppy!


after Christmas, I will fill out the registrations with the AKC, which is about as fun as filing your taxes online with a dial-up connection. The AKC, as many other organizations, isn’t fully staffed right now, so I anticipate minor delays. The paperwork will be sent directly to your home, however.

For this reason, I need everyone to send me an email with the following information:

Color ID of your puppy
Name of your puppy
(This will be registered as “Netherfield’s ….” whatever you choose within 23 spaces)
Name or names of new owner + address

We will take new individual photos on Christmas Day for you ❤



I know I’ve been quiet. Unfortunately, we have satellite internet out here “in the sticks”, and we ran out of available data so… no photo upload. Well, the data reset at midnight, giving me the opportunity to share these great snapshots with you.

As you can see, the pups not go outside once or twice a day, depending on weather and temperature. They LOVE it. Yesterday, they received their first bath. That, they didn’t love, but they were at least willing to deal with it.

Saturday morning, they also moved into their puppy run, giving them more room to run, play, and exercise all those muscles. We introduced them to kibble (Purina Pro Plan Focus Puppy), at first 1 time a day for three days, now twice a day, which I soak in water for an hour before I add weaning milk powder. Nevertheless, Ada still stops by 5 times a day to nurse them.

New video!

The puppies spend longer stretches awake now (meaning 10 – 15 minutes), during which they exercise those legs. A select few have realized that there is a “beyond” the whelping box (namely rose, purple, and blue), which means it’s time to set up their big puppy run. We’ll try to get that done on Friday. 😉