Who writes here?

Vanessa is my name, and after marrying my husband Walter, I followed him to the United States in 2011. Since moving my things across the ocean was too expensive, I sold it all and arrived in North Carolina with nothing but my luggage … and our Whippet!
“Domino vom Tempelgarten” is triple registered with the VDH, FCI as well as the AKC, and a stunning representative of the original Whippet. In 2011 we established our breeding program here in the United States, which is currently located in Virginia. All of our dogs have been health tested, and are known to produce healthy offspring with sound minds. While all of our dogs come from bloodlines which are successfully shown and have earned several titles, and while several of our puppies are of show quality, our focus lies on producing family pets that will bring you joy and enrichment for years to come. While a very limited amount of our puppies have gone to show or breeding homes, placing our puppies as pets with great families will always be our priority. We pride ourselves in the European influence on our bloodlines, since we are strong supporters of the original standard of the Whippet, as seen in all European countries and the birth country of this fabulous breed!


While raising puppies involves our entire family, including our two young sons, this website and the blog are my domain, and so is the communication with families and “everything important”. My husband, Walter, is responsible for everything that involves strength such as assembling the whelping box, and also for stripping and deep-cleaning the puppy areas once a week. Nicholas (6) is responsible for playing with the puppies and making sure they won’t get hurt, and Gabi (4) is responsible for not accidentally choking the puppies to death because “they are sooooo cuuuuuuuute”.

Enjoying the weather

While this website has been created for informational purposes, you will find that our blog is very active during the time of a litter, and I am literally living it up there with pictures, stories and videos. I take an average of 436 pictures and 28 videos per litter; most of them for the blog. Many of our puppies sell shortly after birth, and while we always hope to meet those who wish to purchase one of our puppies, we understand that it is not always possible. A Whippet is not a breed that can easily be found in the United States, left alone from a reputable breeder that you are willing to trust. Purchasing a Whippet puppy from afar is the only way to go for most families, and we hope that especially our blog will help those families to feel more comfortable about going this route. While a website can be rather “sterile”, you will find that our blog is anything but that. There could be a muddy puppy, one of my kids with two different colored socks or a huge mess of toys in the background of a picture. This all shows you the unfiltered and raw truth of what it looks like when puppies are being raised within the family.

A few snapshots

And here it is. The ONLY picture that includes me with the puppies. Perhaps because I am usually the one behind the camera!